Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello again!

Today, I'll talk about a very important issue for me... it is about friendship.

I think friendship is one of the most important things in life. I've never had too many friends... that is because I prefer to have good friends instead of a lot of friends. Usually, people think that it is good to have many friends, but I think you have to choose between good friends and a lot of friends... you can't have both choices in this life. It is impossible. And I chose the first.

Years ago, I had a very good friend. His name is Fernando and he was my partner when I studied computer engineering. We always talked about technology, calculus, logic, maths and all that stuff, and we always played a lot of computer games. Sometimes, he invited me to his house with the objetive of studying, but we always studied only one or two hours, the rest of the time we played many kinds of games. One time, we enjoyed so much playing videogames, that we didn't realize that we were playing all the night until the next day...

We also had a pact:
In class, and only in the class, we never talked to each other, so we could pay attention to the teachers.

Well, that happened a long time ago. Today, my friend has a job, is married and he has a little kid... so, he doesn't have much time like in the old times and we can't see each other frequently, but when we meet, we still talk about many issues and play videogames... xD


  1. aaaw, the picture represent the essencial of friendship *-*

  2. nice pact... I will think about it with my friends here xD

  3. I think that it was a good pact hahaha!

  4. we have to do the same pact dude, we talk too much in class


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