Friday, October 12, 2012

Vehicle sent to Mars discovers a rock similar to igneus rocks found on Earth.

Two years ago, a robot-vehicle called "Curiosity" was sent to Mars to investigate a lot of stuff, like the chemical composition of the atmosphere, etc.. One of the missions of this robot was to study the chemical composition of the rocks, and incredibly, it found a rock that was very similar to the igneus rocks ("magma rocks") you can find here on Earth!

Scientists expected to find rocks just like the other rocks studied in Mars before with the "Spirit" and the "Opportunity". But they got shocked when the Curiosity, using a very powerful laser ray and some scientific techniques to make chemical analisys, studied the rock and revealed a lot of similarities with the rocks we can find at the bottom of some seas and oceanic islands.

So... what does it have to do with Psychology?

Well, first of all, Psychology will be always present wherever there are human beings. And obviusly, scientific and astronomic research is an area where many humans work.

Second, it will be very interesting for psychologists to study the human behavior if we eventually find, for example, evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in Mars. That would be the most important discovery of the mankind History! ...and we'll need a lot of psychologists to manage the shock and the stress produced by such historical event.



  1. Hahahahahahaha I love your post!! I want study human behavior if evidence of life in mars appears! I will be so exciting!! jajajajaj

  2. Hahahaha! the name of the robot-vehicle it's the best!!!

  3. yeah, mmm all about human being would be understood with the psychology. In fact, I suppose that in the future we'll need psychologys in the space to make psychotherapy with aliens but we'll need another name, damnit. I'm kidding.

  4. wow! nice work Charlie :), i like your new!


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