Friday, November 23, 2012


Hello again, folks!

Well, this year and the English subject is ending… so, this is the last post I will write in this blog… 
This time I’ll talk about this course of English. 

In the beggining of the semester I was not sure about taking this course, because I thought that I wouldn’t have enough time… there are too many subjects, and all of them are too difficult. But then I realized that my English was not so good, and I considered  the subject as an opportunity to recover and improve my detrimented English.

Now I think I made the right choice. I had forgotten a lot of English words and several expressions, but now I remember many of them. Writing on the blog was a big help to remember and to learn more about this beautiful language. But the best of the English course was our beloved teacher, who always helped us when we needed her. She also explained all the matter very well. I think she is one of the best English teachers that I’ve ever had.

I still have a problem: I’m good writing and reading in English, but I still have a bad pronunciation. I think I talk in English like a 3 years old chlid. To get a better pronunciation, I’ll take another English course in the future, maybe the next year in the summer… because I only have time to do that on summer vacations.
In these days, I don’t need to talk in English. I only use English to read few psycological texts and some other things related to amusement (games, movies, etc.). But in general, I don’t need to use English for any relevant issue.

So, as a summary of this English course in few words: It was just great... : )

Take care... live a good life and Carpe Diem.
Good bye!!!  

Friday, November 16, 2012

My future job...

Well, first of all, I'm a psychology student... and this career has a lot of possibilities, I mean, you can work in a lot of areas and in many places.

About my future job... I'm not really sure of what I want to do, because I don't know all of the areas of this discipline yet. The only thing I'm sure about, is that I want to help and to work with people... but this is a complicated issue.

What I really want to do in the future, is to minimize the suffering of the humanity... but I don't know how. To know how to do that, I need to know all the five areas of psychology, and I think that in spite of not knowing all of them yet, I can discard some areas... like Clinical Psychology.

I'd never be a clinical psycologist, because it is too much responsability and I think that discipline has a lot of fails. I'd never be an educational psychologist. Maybe (and just MAYBE), my future is in social psychology. This is because social psychologists study how society can be better. But now I'm only speculating, I need to study a lot of this area to make a good choice. Laboral area looks good too, but I need more information about it.

Well, in any case, I'd like to have a job well payed to live decently. I am not looking for a job to be a millionaire, but I want to earn a decent amount of money. I'd also like to have an interesting job, which allows me to know a lot of different people with many ways to think and to see the world.

In the classic "job interview", I'll say that I'm not very good at working in big teams. I like to work with other people, but when the group is too big, it is difficult to reach a concense and to make good decisions.
I'll also say that I'm a very practical person, I like concrete things and not only the theory. I like to apply the knowledge to the real world... 

That's all for now, folks...

Take care and good byee... :P

Friday, November 9, 2012


Well... this is very complicated issue because of a lot of reasons, like the one the teacher said, you can sound materialistic if you say that money is important for you.

For me money is important, but it can't be at the center of your life. I mean, you need it to live (decently), and in order to do that you have to buy many things, you need to eat, to have a place to live, to travel sometimes, etc.. But if money is the ultimate goal of your life, then I personally think that you have big problems related, maybe, with lacks during your childhood.

In these days, I don't need to spend a lot of money... except for the University. It is very expensive to study in Chile, but fortunately, I have enough money to pay it by myself...
Appart from the University, I spend money only for my very essential needs: to eat, to move and basic clothes (and cigarettes sometimes ;). As you can see, I am very good managing my finances. I don't waste my money in the first object that I see in any store.

If I were millionaire, the first thing I'd do is to pay all my mother's bills. Then I'd like to go to many places of the world, like Japan... just like anyone.
But the most important: 
I would be someone like "Leonardo Farkas", I mean, I'd like to help some not rich people with monetary problems to have a better life.

If I ever had to pawn or sell one of my belongings, I'm sure it will NOT be my computer... I need it and use it everyday! 
Maybe I'd pawn my TV, because I don't watch it so much and it's one of my few possesions that have some value... xD.

That's all for now, folks...
Take care and good bye... : )

Friday, October 26, 2012


Well, today I'll talk about my relationship with the environment. 

When I was a child, I had a lot of animals and I always loved and respected them. That fact made me respect also the animal habitat, and later, all our environment. So, today I try to recycle everything I use.

I’d like to use a bike or to walk instead of using the public bus… but it is imposible for me, because my home is too far away from the University and from many other interesting places. But sometimes, when I have time, I walk to those places.

Other things that I do to help our planet, is to use the less possible of any resourse, for example: Water. When I wash my teeth, I almost don’t use tap water… maybe 200ml for all the process.

When people ask me about joining to an eco-organization such as Greenpeace, I always reply by saying that I don’t believe in those organizations because they ask you for money and support, but they never tell you what they do with your money (yeah, I’m a distrustful person).     
What I like to do, is to create conscience in the people about how important is our environment for mankind. People need to understand that we depend on our natural environment. If we destroy it, we destroy ourselves.

One way to stop the pollution, is the economic boicot against some evil enterprises that destroy the planet by making their products…

Friday, October 19, 2012

My opinion about politics and elections.

I am very interested about the decisions that politicians make, those decisions will have consequences on my country and me... but I don't like and I don't believe in politicians.

For that reason, I have never registered myself to vote... but I'm registered anyway, because now that process is automatic. The fact that now I'm registered to vote doesn't change my mind, and I will not give my vote to any politician.

Why don't I like politics/politicians?
Because I think that (almost) all the politicians are only looking for power/money and nothing else. Politicians don't care about people, they are selfish, arrogant and thieves. We can look back in History and we'll find a lot of suffering caused by politicians in a lot of countries and epochs. They only act like in a theater, they just make us to believe that they are good intentioned persons... but it's just a big lie.

A politician should be an intelligent, honest and a good person in general, but it is really difficult (or impossible) to find a politician with those attributes. Maybe, individuals are not prepared to have too much power, I think power corrupts individuals.

About the campaigns... those are horrible! You can see all the streets with many "palomas" (big pictures with the face of the candidate). Palomas make the city ugly, and after the elections nobody will take away those things and they will become into garbage.

Sometimes, I fantasize about becoming a politician, but I inmediatly abandon that thought.
To be a politician requires a lot of money, and you need to convince people that you are the right person to be chosen. You also need to know powerful and rich persons who will sponsor your campaign... if you later make laws or decisions that benefit them.

In other words, to be a politician: you need to be evil...

-What is yo
-Are you registered to vote? Yes / No. Explain

-What is your opinion on electoral campaigns? Why’

-What qualities should a person have to run for a public position?

-Have you ever consider becoming a politician? Explain

-Make a constructive criticism to the electoral campaigns in your district?ur opinion on electoral campaigns? Why’

-What qualities should a person have to run for a public position?

-Have you ever consider becoming a politician? Explain

-Make a constructive criticism to the electoral campaigns in your district?

Friday, October 12, 2012

Vehicle sent to Mars discovers a rock similar to igneus rocks found on Earth.

Two years ago, a robot-vehicle called "Curiosity" was sent to Mars to investigate a lot of stuff, like the chemical composition of the atmosphere, etc.. One of the missions of this robot was to study the chemical composition of the rocks, and incredibly, it found a rock that was very similar to the igneus rocks ("magma rocks") you can find here on Earth!

Scientists expected to find rocks just like the other rocks studied in Mars before with the "Spirit" and the "Opportunity". But they got shocked when the Curiosity, using a very powerful laser ray and some scientific techniques to make chemical analisys, studied the rock and revealed a lot of similarities with the rocks we can find at the bottom of some seas and oceanic islands.

So... what does it have to do with Psychology?

Well, first of all, Psychology will be always present wherever there are human beings. And obviusly, scientific and astronomic research is an area where many humans work.

Second, it will be very interesting for psychologists to study the human behavior if we eventually find, for example, evidence of intelligent extraterrestrial life in Mars. That would be the most important discovery of the mankind History! ...and we'll need a lot of psychologists to manage the shock and the stress produced by such historical event.


Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello again!

Today, I'll talk about a very important issue for me... it is about friendship.

I think friendship is one of the most important things in life. I've never had too many friends... that is because I prefer to have good friends instead of a lot of friends. Usually, people think that it is good to have many friends, but I think you have to choose between good friends and a lot of friends... you can't have both choices in this life. It is impossible. And I chose the first.

Years ago, I had a very good friend. His name is Fernando and he was my partner when I studied computer engineering. We always talked about technology, calculus, logic, maths and all that stuff, and we always played a lot of computer games. Sometimes, he invited me to his house with the objetive of studying, but we always studied only one or two hours, the rest of the time we played many kinds of games. One time, we enjoyed so much playing videogames, that we didn't realize that we were playing all the night until the next day...

We also had a pact:
In class, and only in the class, we never talked to each other, so we could pay attention to the teachers.

Well, that happened a long time ago. Today, my friend has a job, is married and he has a little kid... so, he doesn't have much time like in the old times and we can't see each other frequently, but when we meet, we still talk about many issues and play videogames... xD