Friday, September 28, 2012

I have a lot of memories of all my vacations... but the best of them was when I went to U.S.A..

That happened in the year 1997, when I was 17 years old. I went to The United States of America only with my mother and we had a lot of fun in that beautiful country!

We went to Miami first and then to Orlando.
In Miami, we visited a lot of places near the hotel and we tasted a lot of exotic food. For example, there were food of Japan, China and Italy in just one place. In those times, sushi was very very exotic. In fact, in the 90's, in Chile there was only one or maybe two Japanese restaurants, and the food was very expensive.

Then, we went to a lot of stores of all kinds (technology, clothes, etc.) and everything was very cheap in relation to the prices in Chile. That decade, the dollar was worth very little... that's why I could travel to U.S.A. xD

I didn't really like Miami very much, it is very similar to Santiago... but it was a great time with my mom.

In Orlando, I really enjoyed this city because it was near several amusement parks. I went to the famous places: Epcot Center, Disneyland, Universal Studios, Seaworld, etc... and my mom and I had a very good time looking all those beautiful and luxury parks.

All those places was absolutely great, even for these times.

Well, that's my story... I hope you enjoyed it as I did... xD


  1. in 1997!,in this year i was only 4 yars! old ! jajajaja

  2. incredible place Charlie!, i want to go USA too but it's to expensive...

  3. Mmmmh! In 1997 i had just 4 years and you went to USA... OMG! it is amazing uncle Charlie

  4. uhauhaauhauha Charlie, i was a little girl when you went to U.S.A!!

  5. You should get married and work, and a dog. In USA, doooog

  6. I want to go too, but is too expencive

  7. Woah, I've never gone to another country, that's too expensive to my family :(
    How were the food there? *O*


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