Friday, October 26, 2012


Well, today I'll talk about my relationship with the environment. 

When I was a child, I had a lot of animals and I always loved and respected them. That fact made me respect also the animal habitat, and later, all our environment. So, today I try to recycle everything I use.

I’d like to use a bike or to walk instead of using the public bus… but it is imposible for me, because my home is too far away from the University and from many other interesting places. But sometimes, when I have time, I walk to those places.

Other things that I do to help our planet, is to use the less possible of any resourse, for example: Water. When I wash my teeth, I almost don’t use tap water… maybe 200ml for all the process.

When people ask me about joining to an eco-organization such as Greenpeace, I always reply by saying that I don’t believe in those organizations because they ask you for money and support, but they never tell you what they do with your money (yeah, I’m a distrustful person).     
What I like to do, is to create conscience in the people about how important is our environment for mankind. People need to understand that we depend on our natural environment. If we destroy it, we destroy ourselves.

One way to stop the pollution, is the economic boicot against some evil enterprises that destroy the planet by making their products…


  1. We must to take the measures for care our planet today and not the day after tomorrow D:

  2. I also think that create conscience in the people is important, but isn't enought, that conscience must become into action.

  3. I agree with U in a lot of thing Charlie, good post!

  4. "we depend on our natural environment. If we destroy it, we destroy ourselves." I'm so agree with that!

  5. It's very admirable your preocupation for the environment.

  6. I also try to recycle everything I use


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