Friday, November 16, 2012

My future job...

Well, first of all, I'm a psychology student... and this career has a lot of possibilities, I mean, you can work in a lot of areas and in many places.

About my future job... I'm not really sure of what I want to do, because I don't know all of the areas of this discipline yet. The only thing I'm sure about, is that I want to help and to work with people... but this is a complicated issue.

What I really want to do in the future, is to minimize the suffering of the humanity... but I don't know how. To know how to do that, I need to know all the five areas of psychology, and I think that in spite of not knowing all of them yet, I can discard some areas... like Clinical Psychology.

I'd never be a clinical psycologist, because it is too much responsability and I think that discipline has a lot of fails. I'd never be an educational psychologist. Maybe (and just MAYBE), my future is in social psychology. This is because social psychologists study how society can be better. But now I'm only speculating, I need to study a lot of this area to make a good choice. Laboral area looks good too, but I need more information about it.

Well, in any case, I'd like to have a job well payed to live decently. I am not looking for a job to be a millionaire, but I want to earn a decent amount of money. I'd also like to have an interesting job, which allows me to know a lot of different people with many ways to think and to see the world.

In the classic "job interview", I'll say that I'm not very good at working in big teams. I like to work with other people, but when the group is too big, it is difficult to reach a concense and to make good decisions.
I'll also say that I'm a very practical person, I like concrete things and not only the theory. I like to apply the knowledge to the real world... 

That's all for now, folks...

Take care and good byee... :P


  1. I hope that you can decide your area in the next years :)

  2. You are right, is better to decide with information.

    see you!

  3. For some reason, all psychologist that I know don't like to be seen doing clinic psychology. I have a reason to.
    Although, I suppose that in all things responsability is necessary. I prefer to say that I want to know about people but I don't want talk with them. And yeah , we need more "information"


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